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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5 weeks to go!

Me- 7.5 Months Prego!

I realize that it has been a while since I last posted anything.  We've been scurrying around trying to get any last minute things accomplished and ready for when Toby arrives. 
The month of September brought two great baby showers- one from our friends and coworkers (at our home), and one from the family and their friends (in VA at Bill's parents).  We got so much baby stuff- we were toally blessed! 
The baby shower here in NC went along with our safari theme, hosted by two of my coworkers and my friend Michelle.  We had a beautiful cake, cute decorations, and some fun little baby games to play.  There were about 10-15 people here for that one, and I really enjoyed being with friends and opening all of Toby's fun little gifts!
The baby shower in VA was a tea luncheon and had a baby boy blue theme.  Bill and Gwyn did an excellent job with all of the decorations, and with creating little stations for people to visit (a tea station, a well-wishes station, etc.).  April did a fantastic job with the food (the edible arrangements were probably my favoite).  We enjoyed our time wtih the family and their friends, and were totally overwhelmed at the amount of people there- I think at one time, they counted 51 people!  Needless to say, that it took me two week to write out all of the thank you notes (well worth it- but you can only write so many a day!). 
It was also during our VA trip that I realized that I swell up like a balloon when sitting down for 2 1/2 hours (the amount of time it takes us to get there), and the opposite, when I stand up for any length of time.  Otherwise, I do just fine.
Toby's room right after the VA shower- lots to put away!
So, now today marks my 1 1/2 weeks off of work, and I have been such a busy little bee with finishing Toby's room, writing thank you's, and just some of those things that you really never get around to when you spend 40 hours a week at work (like actually printing out the pictures off our camera).  We have been busy with taking birthing and baby basics classes during the week, and spending time with friends and family over the weekends.  I've also started making full amounts of meals and freezing half of them for those long days that are coming up after Toby arrives when we're hungry but don't have the desire or time to actually cook a homemade meal.  That has been recommended to me by lots of people, and I am definitely taking that advice!
Well, Toby is starting to run out of room in my tummy, so he is no longer doing summersaults, but is still moving around.  Last night was probably the first time when I was able to take Bill's hand and place it on my belly, where Toby continued to move around and Bill could feel him.  Sometimes Toby is a little shy, and stops moving when my belly is touched. 

We're looking foward to what the next month has in store for us!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This picture was taken last month in the hotel that we stayed at for Steven and Hannah's wedding.  So, this was me at 5 months, but my belly has definitely grown since then! I would dare to say that between last month and now, Toby has definitely made it known that I am pregnant!  At the time, I had to wear shirts that explained that I was "expecting", and not just fat! 
This past week we had another ultrasound, and all went well.  The low placenta issue that I had earlier has now dissipated and no longer poses a problem.  Thank goodness!  We received another ultrasound picture, but the one that was taken last time was actually much clearer.  I now move on to seeing the doctor every two weeks until the middle of October, when I start seeing him weekly.  I don't mind the doctor's visits, they just take up a big chunk of the day- we make the appointments for early in the day, but usually have to wait an hour to be seen (at least).  I do have a great understanding and appreciation that the doctor that we see takes the time that is needed with each of his patients- and even more understanding that he has to deliver babies sometimes too- I just am adverse to waiting in the waiting room for an hour every time that I go! 
Bill has gone with me every time as well- but since the appointments are becoming more frequent, I don't think that he will be able to continue to do so.  It has been great to have him there by my side to help ask questions and just to be my support.  I love him, and he is such a wonderful man!
Yesterday I put up some super cute wall decorations in Toby's room (safari wall decals that match his bedding and the letters that spell his name).  I just have to make sure that everything is up on the wall securely, and that they aren't going to fall down and konk Toby in the head one night!  I took a picture of the decor, but I could't seem to find it on the camera today as I uploaded the other one.  Perhaps I will try again later.  Until then, I'm gonna shop online for baby clothes- so much fun!  (can't really go out now- there's a hurricane passing by us!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just hanging out!

Not much else to share since the last time that we posted!  Baby Raynor has been busy growing- he's now about 2 lbs. and over the past few weeks has really been kicking and punching his way around!  It makes me smile every time that I feel him move around- it's just so amazing that this little guy is growing inside me!  I just pray that Bill and I will be good parents to him!
After several sleepless nights- I gave up sleeping on my left side only (as some people recommend).  Although, the doctor just said not to sleep on my back and to stay raised up some. I have moved several pillows into our bed, and have been sleeping well ever since!  Hopefully this continues, at least for a few more weeks.  As I understand, the later in the pregnancy, the harder it is to get sleep- but such will be life after baby Raynor comes, also!
The nursery is almost done - we have the crib, dresser, changing table combo, and the bedding/curtains put up.  We will be using the recliner from our study- but we're waiting to move that until the last minute (well, Bill will have to find someone to help him move it)- but right now we enjoy sitting in it and watching the fish in our tank, and relaxing.  I've been trying to pick up some baby essentials when I am out and when they are either on sale or if I have a coupon.  Who knew a baby could need so much?  Thankfully I have family and friends who are already helping out! 
This weekend and in the next week we will be revealing Baby Raynor's name (we have to keep some suspense!), so we'll post again once that happens!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New things!

It was Bill's ingenious idea to give his mom and aunt's a mission for Baby Raynor.  Their first mission was to find baby books and Veggie Tales DVD's.  At Bill and Gwyn's B-day party a few weeks ago, they accomplished their mission as we received several books and DVD's.  Now I can read to Baby Raynor when he arrives and he will be very smart!
Their second mission was to pick up some diapers.  April started the trend and purchased a whole case of the super cute denim jean diapers that Huggies makes.  This past weekend, we received some more diapers from Troi and Gwyn, as well as (what I like to call) a toy doughnut stacker, a bib, and a set of receiving blankets. Woohoo!  Baby Raynor will needs lots of everything- so we definitely appreciate their giving in starting our diaper stock!
This week, Bill and I discovered that the BEST time to go shopping at Target is July 4th night.  If there were crickets in the store, I'm sure that I could have heard them.  It was totally deserted, and the perfect time to create a baby registry.  Unfortunately, though, a big storm was passing by, and we had several hiccups with our scanning device.  It took us over an hour to register for baby items, and we weren't even able to register for everything.  I guess I'll just have to have more fun adding them online! 
Yesterday, I headed to Southpoint- which is a great area near Durham with a fantastic mall and shopping centers around it.  There I registered at Babies R Us.  It was really fun to just take the time and look around and scan lots of things.  This was the first time in my life that I think that I have spent 2 hours in just one store!  Bill was at work, and didn't go on this extravaganza with me- and it was probably to both of our enjoyment that it worked out that way.  He is very supportive and is great to be there to give advice, but he simply is just not a shopper.  He'd rather do it all online.  I also purchased our baby boy's first batman onesie and monkey sleeper (very cute, if I do say so myself).
So, we are now registered at Target and Babies R Us.  It takes alot of effort to register for baby stuff (much more than registering for a wedding)- alot more research to figure out what might work best and what has the best reviews.  Although clothing and cute stuff is definitely welcomed, I just hope that people check out our registry when buying stuff for Baby Raynor.  Really, though, any help in getting ready for our baby boy is greatly appreciated!
The best thing about registering, though: all of the fun little samples and coupons that you receive!  Such fun!

It's A....

Last week we had another Dr.'s visit.  Although the doc. was 2 hours late (he was in a car accident), we were as excited about this visit as we were the first one- this was the appointment where we could find out the gender of our baby.  As soon as the doc. slathered me in gel and placed the ultrasound monitor on me, he immediately asked if we wanted to know the gender.  Two seconds after we said that we did, he said IT'S A BOY!!!  We were super excited to hear the news! 
Although it didn't matter whether it was a boy or a girl, I had a sneaking suspicion that it was a boy.  The only slight concern at this point in the pregnancy is that the placenta is laying low.  I don't have placenta previa, just a low lying placenta.  The doc. said that usually the placenta will shift upward as the baby grows, towards the greater blood supply, and that it will not go any lower.  I will have another ultrasound at 28 weeks that should give more detail as to whether or not it has shifted.  If it hasn't shifted, there is a greater potential for a C-section.  Right now, baby Raynor has lots more growing to do, and we have no real worries.
On to the reveal...
This weekend we had both sides of our families over for our annual 4th of July celebration.  While we had a scheduled Dr's appointment for the week after the 4th, we asked the doc. if we could do it the week before, and thus we did.  All along our families thought that our Dr.'s visit wasn't until the week after the 4th.  So, Bill and I decided that we would tell our families this past weekend (since they would all be together and would know at the same time)- what we were having.  So-I had ordered a cake from Blue Moon Bakery in Cary, and had the inside icing tinted blue.  Right before we served lunch, I grabbed the cake from the refrigerator and had Bill's mom to cut in to it.  Once the family saw that it was blue icing, the screaming and excitement ensued!  They all seemed very extatic to have been a part of that very special moment with us!  (it didn't hurt that the cake was pretty tasty too!)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Updated Due Date!

I almost forgot to add to the previous post that there is an updated due date.  Our Dr. had taken two ultrasounds - one said that we were due on November 17th and the other said November 13th.  So the Doc said this time that the due date is November 15th.  Really what that means is...nothing.  The baby will come when it's ready to come (which is what I say, not the Doc.), but if it is more than a week later than the 15th and the baby hasn't come yet, then I will be induced. 

18 weeks prego and doing great!

We had another Dr.'s visit this week and everyone is doing great!  We heard the heartbeat (142 bpm) again, and we hope that at our next Dr.'s appointment that we will be able to determine the gender of our baby!  In a few weeks I have some time off of work, so I hope to begin decorating the nursery then.  Fun times!

This week I realized that I am not going to be able to do be Superwoman for the next few months (at least).  I was on my feet all of Thursday and Friday afternoon, and then I helped Bill move some new furniture into our home last night.  Needless to say that I am thankful for Friday nights and Saturday mornings so that (for now) I can get some good rest!  I was totally exhausted!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Dr Visit, Another Picture

Hello everyone, Erin and I had another Dr visit on Wednesday 20 April, 2011.  When he walked in he asked Erin if she ever smiled - that he can never tell what she is thinking?!  Then he turned to me and said he can always tell what I am thinking.  The Dr. said this was just a check to make sure everything was going well with us.  He said he likes to do another ultrasound but since it wasn't mandatory he wouldn't charge us for it.  This time we could see a head, body, and little arms.  The Dr. said everything looks perfect so far.  In the picture the head is down and to the right, the arms are just visible nubs off the body, and you really can't make out the legs (which Erin said was just like a duck - she loves this duck metaphor). Anyway, wanted to upload the picture for you all.  Thank you for sharing in this special time with us! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So tired!

So, we are following the pregnancy on babycenter.com, and it states that it is very common to feel very fatigued and to have trouble sleeping during the first trimester.  I am sooo experiencing both of those!  Just exhausted almost all of the time!  I suppose this is how it will be for the next two years!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our first ultrasound!

If you look in the black area, you can see the spot that looks like an upside down little duck- that's our baby!  (it's lightly marked wtih two little + signs) It's the pic at the bottom of this page.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

There's a heartbeat!

Thursday, March 31st Bill and I headed to the dr. for our first real appointment.  We knew that we would receive either heartbreaking or very exciting news.  Exciting it was!  It was very surreal and amazing to see the baby and it's heartbeat on the ultrasound.  So far, everything is good!  We are seven weeks pregnant and our next appointment is on April 20th.  I count myself blessed thus far that I haven't experienced any morning sickness (although I have been rather hungry and tired).

 The doctor has given us the due date of November 17th, although only like 10% of babies are actually born on their due date, and first time pregnancies are usually late.  I had been praying for a while that God would bless us with a healthy and normal baby (and will continue to do so).  It was odd that we were getting to the point where we started to think about when the best time to have a baby was.  Well, with the many of our family birthdays being in the winter, and with all of the family festivities that occur then as well, we were thinking that we should put a halt to the process for a while.  Well, God had different plans for us.  He has shown us the first lesson in parenthood (well, for life in general): we are not in control!

Last night Bill and I celebrated with dinner at a japanese restaurant (which is my favorite).  I was nervous at first, because they say that pregnant women have an increased sense of smell, which can make them nauseated.  Sigh of relief- I enjoyed the meal and had no side effects!  We then travelled down the road to Target where we scoped out the baby aisle.  It was fun to go through and see all of the cute stuff they have for babies these days.  It was even more cute to see Bill and his reaction to it all.  He had no idea that a baby could have so much stuff.  I suppose this baby may give Bill a run for his money in the "who has more stuff" category! 

Well, we are purchasing a new camera tomorrow to help capture this very important stage in our lives.  So, be on the lookout for new pics that hopefully will be posted regularly.  We are very excited to share our new life with you!