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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finally-the birth story!

Okay- so I am aware that 10 weeks have passed since Tobias Wright Raynor was born, but- that is just how fast and busy life is after a baby is born!  Bill and I were just looking at pictures of when Tobias was just born.  He is already growing so fast!  So, before I get into how he is doing now, I'll back track and give his birth story:

On Tuesday, November 8th, I decided that I should put up some Christmas decorations before Tobias arrived.  So, I proceded to drag out all of the decorations for the colored lights tree and fireplace mantle, and hauled them down from the third floor to the first.  (Actually, I dragged them on the floor)  I spent the morning and afternoon decorating the downstairs of our house for Christmas.  (I feel fairly certain that this is what got Tobias moving)

On Wednesday, November 9th, I did not feel very well.  Throughout the day I had some mild "cramps", but they came and went off and on throughout the day.  They finally dissipated by Thursday morning, and I felt a little better.  Apparently this was "false labor". 

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment, where he said that everything was going great.  He said that I was only dialated 1cm. and that if I had not delivered by the 22nd (I think that was the date that he gave me) that he would induce me then.  I had been told that women walk around for weeks only being dialated 1cm., so I didn't really think anything of it.  At this time, the doctor seemed to anticipate that I would go later than the delivery date. 

On Friday afternoon, I started feeling the same as I did on Wednesday.  By this time, I was thinking that the contractions were just braxton hicks contractions, and had been told that they could last anywhere from days to weeks.  I remember thinking at this time "Good grief- if I have to wait until the 22nd to be induced and have braxton hicks for that long- I'm not sure if I will survive!".  Nevertheless, I got myself ready, and headed to Target and then on to Krispy Kreme.  Apparently, Tobias got excited about Krispy Kreme, and started his journey into this world.

Friday night I was still having more severe cramps, but they were not consistent.  I waited until about 10:00 to start timing the contractions.  I tried to lay down and get some rest, but the contractions did not let up.  They weren't intolerable, but rather just felt like persistent mentrual cramps.  I still thought that they were braxton hicks at this time.  At about 12:30, I told Bill about the contractions and we soon thereafter called the doctor (I don't think that either of them thought I was in labor, although at this point in time, I was).  Well- our doctor was off duty, and we were put in contact with the on-call doctor's midwife (Katie).  She was very nice- she told us that it was up to us if we wanted to come to the hospital and get checked out, but that it didn't sound like I was close to labor- that most first time moms take a long time to dialate. 

About 1:30am Bill and I hopped in our car and trekked off to the hospital.  The hospital was about 40 minutes away, and I knew that I didn't want to wait any longer before starting the trip.  I also knew that I would rather get to the hospital, and have to turn around than to be that far away and be in active labor.  Anyways, we got to the hospital, got checked in (Bill wheeled me around a wheelchair), and was admitted into a room.  The first thing they wanted to do was to check to see how far dialated I was.  The first nurse didn't know for sure, and didn't want to make an assumption (thank goodness). She had thought that I was less than 5cm. dialated. Another nurse came in and couldn't tell either.  So- the last nurse came in, and I was 7 1/2 cm. dialated!!!  They immediately called down for the anesthesiologist so that he could get there in time to give me the epidural before pushing time.  I honestly don't know what happened in a timeframe from 2:30 am to the time I delivered Tobias.  I was a little distracted (to say the least).  I do know that it took about an hour for the anethesiologist to arrive, and then about another hour for the epidural to start taking effect.  It never really took full effect, though.  The epidural definitely helped ease the pain, but gratefully, I was still able to feel enough to help aid in the pushing/delivery process.  It was an odd feeling when Bill would hold my leg and push on it, and I could feel the pressure, but not the pain.  THANK GOD FOR EPIDURALS!!!

The whole time, Bill was an awesome coach.  There was a time, however, when coaching me, that he stated "get a grip, baby, get a grip!"- although we all knew what he meant (for me to grip hard on the side rails), the nurses couldn't help but laugh at that!  I'm pretty sure that without Bill's help in coaching me that I would have found myeslf getting a c-section.  There were two times where the doctor said "if the baby is not out in 15 minutes, we're going to have to do a c-section".  Each time, I dug deeper within the mother's well of strength, and pushed with (really) all of my might.  I made such progress each time, that he kept giving me more chances.  I knew for certain that after having to have an episiotomy that I didn't also want to have a c-section.  For sure.  I knew that I was going to do everything that I could to deliver Tobias right then.  Although I definitely was exhausted and felt like giving up, I kept telling myself "this won't last forever (that I wouldn't have to push forever)".  They did have to suction him twice.  The first time, the suction did not adhere to his head, and popped right off.  (Bill later said that he watched that happen, and that it was very disheartening and a little disturbing).  Apparently, our little baby had so much hair that the suction had difficulty adhering to his head.  On trial #2, it worked, and our little Tobias Wright Raynor was born at 9:13am.  He cried for a little bit, but it wasn't the kind of cry that hurts your ears (thank goodness).  The nurses did their quick primary check of him, and then placed him on my chest.  THAT WAS THE MOST AWESOME, EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE!  It was just so awesome to have the little baby boy that we had waited 9 whole months to see, laying there on my chest, and in my arms.  It was just an overwhelmingly joyous time!  I was totally oblivious to anything else that was going on at that time. 

I am so glad that it was just Bill, Tobias, and me there for the first hour and were able to really enjoy our first moments together as a family.  I am so thankful for Bill and his unwavering support of me throught the delivery.  What an incredible moment that was! 

I will stop right there for now.  This has been a very long post!