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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Dr Visit, Another Picture

Hello everyone, Erin and I had another Dr visit on Wednesday 20 April, 2011.  When he walked in he asked Erin if she ever smiled - that he can never tell what she is thinking?!  Then he turned to me and said he can always tell what I am thinking.  The Dr. said this was just a check to make sure everything was going well with us.  He said he likes to do another ultrasound but since it wasn't mandatory he wouldn't charge us for it.  This time we could see a head, body, and little arms.  The Dr. said everything looks perfect so far.  In the picture the head is down and to the right, the arms are just visible nubs off the body, and you really can't make out the legs (which Erin said was just like a duck - she loves this duck metaphor). Anyway, wanted to upload the picture for you all.  Thank you for sharing in this special time with us! 

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