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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's A....

Last week we had another Dr.'s visit.  Although the doc. was 2 hours late (he was in a car accident), we were as excited about this visit as we were the first one- this was the appointment where we could find out the gender of our baby.  As soon as the doc. slathered me in gel and placed the ultrasound monitor on me, he immediately asked if we wanted to know the gender.  Two seconds after we said that we did, he said IT'S A BOY!!!  We were super excited to hear the news! 
Although it didn't matter whether it was a boy or a girl, I had a sneaking suspicion that it was a boy.  The only slight concern at this point in the pregnancy is that the placenta is laying low.  I don't have placenta previa, just a low lying placenta.  The doc. said that usually the placenta will shift upward as the baby grows, towards the greater blood supply, and that it will not go any lower.  I will have another ultrasound at 28 weeks that should give more detail as to whether or not it has shifted.  If it hasn't shifted, there is a greater potential for a C-section.  Right now, baby Raynor has lots more growing to do, and we have no real worries.
On to the reveal...
This weekend we had both sides of our families over for our annual 4th of July celebration.  While we had a scheduled Dr's appointment for the week after the 4th, we asked the doc. if we could do it the week before, and thus we did.  All along our families thought that our Dr.'s visit wasn't until the week after the 4th.  So, Bill and I decided that we would tell our families this past weekend (since they would all be together and would know at the same time)- what we were having.  So-I had ordered a cake from Blue Moon Bakery in Cary, and had the inside icing tinted blue.  Right before we served lunch, I grabbed the cake from the refrigerator and had Bill's mom to cut in to it.  Once the family saw that it was blue icing, the screaming and excitement ensued!  They all seemed very extatic to have been a part of that very special moment with us!  (it didn't hurt that the cake was pretty tasty too!)

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