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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New things!

It was Bill's ingenious idea to give his mom and aunt's a mission for Baby Raynor.  Their first mission was to find baby books and Veggie Tales DVD's.  At Bill and Gwyn's B-day party a few weeks ago, they accomplished their mission as we received several books and DVD's.  Now I can read to Baby Raynor when he arrives and he will be very smart!
Their second mission was to pick up some diapers.  April started the trend and purchased a whole case of the super cute denim jean diapers that Huggies makes.  This past weekend, we received some more diapers from Troi and Gwyn, as well as (what I like to call) a toy doughnut stacker, a bib, and a set of receiving blankets. Woohoo!  Baby Raynor will needs lots of everything- so we definitely appreciate their giving in starting our diaper stock!
This week, Bill and I discovered that the BEST time to go shopping at Target is July 4th night.  If there were crickets in the store, I'm sure that I could have heard them.  It was totally deserted, and the perfect time to create a baby registry.  Unfortunately, though, a big storm was passing by, and we had several hiccups with our scanning device.  It took us over an hour to register for baby items, and we weren't even able to register for everything.  I guess I'll just have to have more fun adding them online! 
Yesterday, I headed to Southpoint- which is a great area near Durham with a fantastic mall and shopping centers around it.  There I registered at Babies R Us.  It was really fun to just take the time and look around and scan lots of things.  This was the first time in my life that I think that I have spent 2 hours in just one store!  Bill was at work, and didn't go on this extravaganza with me- and it was probably to both of our enjoyment that it worked out that way.  He is very supportive and is great to be there to give advice, but he simply is just not a shopper.  He'd rather do it all online.  I also purchased our baby boy's first batman onesie and monkey sleeper (very cute, if I do say so myself).
So, we are now registered at Target and Babies R Us.  It takes alot of effort to register for baby stuff (much more than registering for a wedding)- alot more research to figure out what might work best and what has the best reviews.  Although clothing and cute stuff is definitely welcomed, I just hope that people check out our registry when buying stuff for Baby Raynor.  Really, though, any help in getting ready for our baby boy is greatly appreciated!
The best thing about registering, though: all of the fun little samples and coupons that you receive!  Such fun!

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  1. We are so excited that a new member of the family will be arriving in November!! I already love Baby Raynor and cannot wait to tell him so IN PERSON!!! We are here for you both during this exciting and miraculous time in your lives!! What a blessing!! And we're in on it!! We love you!! Troi, Ronn, Ronnie, Autumn and Jesse